The next update of the test version of the program.

As promised, I posted a new version of FLProg with the number 3.1.3. In addition to the full version is available and update from version 3.1 and older.
Basically, all the innovations relate to the controller ESP8266.
So, what’s new…..
All controllers support system clock (without real-time clock).
All of the following applies to the ESP8266 controller only.
Implemented the work of the chip MAX7219 .
Time synchronization unit with servers of exact time on the Internet has been implemented.
Implemented simultaneous operation on the client controller and access point.
Implemented the creation of the controller web interface settings. It is possible to create an unlimited (within the memory of the controller) number of pages of settings, with automatic creation if necessary (if more than one page) menu. Using this interface, you can change the network settings of both the client and the access point. Just these settings there is access from the scheme of the project with the help of special blocks read and write system settings. It is possible to create your own system parameters (variables), available both on the settings pages and in the project diagram (through the same blocks of reading and writing system variables). If necessary, you can organize access to the settings pages through password and login, create multiple users, and for each page, or setting on the configure access only for specific users page. For the entire interface, or for individual pages and elements you can customize the appearance using CSS styles. All configuration of the interfix is done in the project tree.
Implemented deep sleep mode, and software restart the controller.

This is all the functionality I have planned before the stable version. More global changes in the program will not be released until the stable version 4.0. I will do the “grinding” of the current version, catching and fixing bugs.
And of course should (and will have) to do, finally, writing helpul and lessons. The project is still training, heaped recently a lot, and information support from me no. It’s time to fix this mess.
In this version, the architecture of the project was great redesigned, so there may be problems with opening projects created in previous versions of the program. I, of course, tried to work out the maximum compatibility, but not the fact that completely. So before moving to the new version, if you have projects in progress, I would first recommend you try opening them in a portable new version.
Good luck hunting for bugs, the more we find them, the better version 4.0!


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7 thoughts on “The next update of the test version of the program.”

  1. В версии 3.0.3 ошибка компиляции при выборе выхода из аналогово и вставки константы

    digitalWrite(14, 1);

    при удалении этой строки всё компилируется

  2. Добрый вечер Сергей. При использовании Nodemcu с блоком меню контроллер постоянно уходит в перезагрузку исправьте пожалуйста. То же самое было и в предыдущей версии.


  3. Симуляция в принципе у меня в планах есть, но просто страшно за неё браться. Очень большой объём работы, и до конца ещё не продумал как она будет работать.  Но возможно со временем всё таки решусь)))))

  4. Все супер попробуем)

    Проект действительно ширится и растет и возникает иногда проблема в плане где какая переменная залипает или условие , хотя-бы какую-то симуляцию программы бы реализовать , был-бы здорово))  симуляция есть в ld micro очень удобно.


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