The release of a new beta version of the program

A new version of the program with the number 7.5.1 has been released.

What’s new.

Implementation of the “Multi-project” principle – several projects within one file.

The ability to set static addresses for system requests in the web interface (API for the web interface)

Implementation of PCA9685 PWM expansion chip support for ESP controllers.

In connection with the disappearance of the possibility of receiving transfers from abroad, I decided to remove all restrictions on the use of the English version of the program. I consider myself not entitled to limit the users of the program, due to not very adequate actions of our government.



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  1. Советую посмотреть. Очень интересный видеоролик, но….

    А на счёт финансовой поддержки….. Для некоторых, истина и честь дороже трёх раз по 1000 р.

    Серёга держись! Крепкого тебе здоровья и светлого разума!



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