The release of the beta version of the program

There was a test version of the program with the number 5.0. As I wrote before, this version is based on the latest version of the Smalltalk programming language. The jump between versions of the language was 6 years (the previous version of the program was from 2011, and this from 2018). During this time, the language developers have altered the visualization, work with the processor, implemented the correct work with multi-core processors. Because of this, the migration of the project to a new version of the language was difficult. Moreover I have this watch was a short-two weeks. So far I have posted only the version for Windows. On Linux the program works fine but having problems with fonts. Russian letters in the menu on Linux are not shown at all (not even squares, but in General empty spaces). Because of the new system of rendering widgets to get to the system fonts (namely, they draw the menu) I have not yet succeeded. But I’m working on it.
The most “delicious” feature of the new version of the language-the work of the program on Raspberry-I still could not check the same. My raspberry is at home, and until I get there (and it will be the 18th), check will not work.
Slightly altered the procedure for running the program. Russian version now always runs fast. There are plans to reduce the size of the distribution, and in the next version will try to implement them.
In General, according to my feeling the program after the migration began to work much faster and more responsive. I have tested the basic functionality, but still need more in-depth testing of the program. So I invite the interested users to drive a program “in the tail and mane”. Bugs and comments can be voiced in a specially created topic on the forum.


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6 thoughts on “The release of the beta version of the program”

  1. Привет, в бета-версии 6.0.0 при создании нового пользовательского блока выдает ошибку при вводе выходных данных, моя операционная система 32bit Windows7

  2. Здравствуйте. портативная версия для 64. В блоке “генератор” при выборе “константы” минуты:секунды:миллисекунды отсутствует поле для ввода значений

    (кстати, в программе написано: “милисекунды”)



  3. В 5ой  версии когда создаёшь “меню” нельзя выбрать тип переменной, не переключаются, а программа вылетает с ошибкой. Хотя в 4-ой всё работает корректно.

  4. Очень нужен блок для подключения ESP к облаку каскады без него никак вообще. Сделайте пожалуйста.


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