2019 happy New year!

Let the New year 2019 bring you a lot of pleasant discoveries and new interesting surprises, let your environment will be present only pleasant, kind, beautiful and lucky people, and their good qualities and deeds fill your life with pleasant emotions. Happy New Year!

Dear friends! There comes a New year-time of new hopes, successes and victories. What will be the coming year depends on each of us. Therefore, first of all, I want to wish you all faith in yourself and your strength, great achievements, discoveries and hopes. We will definitely bring them to life! Let the coming year only multiplies the count of happy moments, there will be people dear to you, and the warmth of the family hearth will attract welcome guests. Encourage the tired, smile to those who are lonely-and life will pay you back a hundredfold for your care. Please accept my heartfelt wishes for health, well-being, happiness and prosperity! Good mood and happy new year holidays! Happy new year!

Well, my little gift to You for New Year – fresh software version number 4.2.2. and the new version of Scada Pleer with number 2.3



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