The release of a new version of the FLProg program.

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

For this holiday, I release a new version of the program with the number 8.0.1. Unfortunately, I’m currently on shift, so I can’t restore the deployment farm yet. Because of this, the release has so far been made only for Windows 64 and Windows32 operating systems.

What’s new:

Previously found bugs fixed.

Improvement of the code viewer – a button for copying the code to the clipboard has been added.

Added block for getting data from OpenWeatherMap (block description).

Oh, and a little Christmas present.

I have been asked for a long time to implement support for STM32 controllers. I finally managed to do it. So far, only one controller has been added to the standard ones – STM32F103C8 “Blue Pill”.

After arriving home from the watch, I will add other controllers of this brand that I have. But you yourself can add the controller you have, for this I hopefully released the most understandable instructions (see).

The use and programming of STM32 controllers has its own characteristics, so I tried to collect the available information and the necessary software in one place and put it all in the form of an article. You can read it here.

Once again, I congratulate everyone on the holiday, I wish everyone peace, the victory of the forces of good, and a beautiful country of the future! And I hope that Santa Claus will fulfill the most sincere desire of millions of people on our planet.


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