Update the beta version of the program.

The beta version of FLProg has been updated to 6.1.

In this version, I tried to fix all the bugs found in version 6.0. 

Another innovation of the version.

  1. As promised, kascada Cloud support is implemented for both ESP and Arduino controllers. A Modbus slave, or Modbus TCP – Modbus RTU bridge, works with the cascades cloud. Video lesson on configuring the connection is already on the project forum in the branch dedicated to HMI KaScada.
  2. Implemented the ability to configure the parameters of hardware ports UART (number of bits, parity, number of stop bits). For Software Serial there is no such possibility. The Software Serial library does not support changing these settings. Although if so, I’d appreciate the tip. In the next versions of the program, I will try to make it possible to change these parameters “on the fly” (that is, during the execution of the program in the controller).
  3. Updated the Arduino IDE version (to version 1.8.10) which comes as part of the program. Therefore, when you install the new version over the old one, when you first start a program, folder ideV3 is removed, and instead creates a folder ideV If for some reason the program won’t automatically remove the folder ideV3, you will be issued a warning, and this folder must be deleted manually.
  4. In the new ArduinoIDE with the expectation of the future loaded ESP support package I will try in the next versions of the program to implement ESP32 support in FLProg.

This version came out earlier than the usual schedule (usually I post updates on the 30th and 14th) due to the fact that the first I go home, and at home I will not be able to engage in the project (I’m here in my old age decided to marry, and I have the eighth wedding).  So from 1 to 15 November, I will be completely unavailable. Proceeding from this, I am asking You, respected beta testers programs, try until first number of maximally drive program, and detected mistakes posting on forum in appropriate topic.  I will try to fix them as much as possible, and update the version before the first day.


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  1. Добрый день и с новым годом, мне очень понравилась ваша программа, но не могу достучатся с ардуино по modbus rtu до светодиодного табло matko sbl-6, по протоколу от конвейерных весов Milltronics BW500 and BW500/L, вот я и подумал, что возможно они общаются по ASCII, если возможность передать ACCII по modbus rtu?



  2. Счастья, здоровья и счастливой семейной жизни. Надеемся семейные отношения только поспособствуют вашей гениальности


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