Welcome to the ranks of the community of users FLProg!


I invite You to take part in community life.


You can write posts to the community, which after moderation will be available to all readers of the site. The form of writing a post is located on the tab “Публикация” of your personal account. Can you tell us about your projects, about your experience in working with the program FLProg or with specific equipment. Your experience will be useful for novice users.
You can see the list of your posts and their status on the “Публикации” tab of your personal account. Until the approval of the post by the moderator, perhaps editing it. It is possible to save the post as a draft, and change it at any time.
You can also write short notes about yourself and about events in your work with the program. This can be done on the “Заметки” tab of the personal account. Your notes will be visible when other users view your personal account.