The release of version 7.3.6.

A new stable version of the program FLProg with the number 7.3.6.
Unfortunately, for some time I was seriously busy, and could not deal with the project. So I apologize for not answering your questions. I will try to answer everyone as much as possible.

What’s new in the program.
1. Fixed the found errors.
2. Updated the version of the Arduino IDE built into the program.
3. Changed the location of additional libraries. They are now located in the ….\FLProg\ideV7\portable\sketchbook\libraries folder.
4. Fixed the operation of ESP boards by DHT deliverers
5. For InputRegisters in Modbus, you can now use any data type, not just Integer.
6. For Modbus, it is possible to switch RTU to TCP without having to delete the communication.
7. The Modbus master now polls consecutive registers in a single group request (no more than 60 registers per request).
8. For the menu block, the choice of the moment when data is saved in the EEPROM is now implemented – at the time of exiting the menu (as now – by default and at the time of changing the value).


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