Release of a new version of the program

A new version of the program with the number 8.2.1 has been released.

In it, I managed to fix most of the errors found.

And a little about the sad.

When assembling versions of the program for various operating systems, the following turned out:

  1. Version for OS Windows XP. The maximum version of the Arduino IDE that runs under this OS is 1.8.9. ESP8266, ESP32, STM32 packages do not work on this OS.
  2.  The version for Windows 32 is the same picture.
  3. Linux OS version 32 – ESP8266, ESP packages do not work

Since I’m not the developer of these packages, I don’t see any way to continue to support these OSes. This version of FLProg is the last one in which these operating systems are supported.

There is also a problem with Linux64 OS. The ESP32 package does not work on this OS. The situation is this:

In this case, I rely on the support of Linux experts.

The task is this: install a clean Arduino IDE version 1.8.19. Upload the package into it and force an empty sketch to compile.

At the moment I have no solution to this problem, but the need to support Linux64 OS is clear.


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2 thoughts on “Release of a new version of the program”

  1. ваша разработка может работать с PIC контроллерами?

    или на ASM? мне ардуино совсем не нравится своей “глючностью”

    а самое главное- библиотеки сторонних разработчиков!

    столько мусора в C++!!!!!


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