Release of a new beta version of the program

The open Beta test of version 9.0.0 and the closed test of version 9.0.X have come to an end, as a result of which a lot of work was done both to optimize the FLProg “engine” itself and to build up the main functionality.
As a result of the fruitful (I would like to see a more active) symbiosis between the developer and active users who took part in testing (more than 50 people received intermediate versions via PM requests) a new software release was prepared – FLProg 9.1.0, which includes:

• significant acceleration of the program;
• the project file has been optimized – for example, a project with a size of 260 megabytes now occupies 37 megabytes. This work will continue;
• the error of continuous growth of the project size during the editing process has been fixed;
• errors that occurred when updating projects have been eliminated;
• some conceptual directions of the “engine” have been changed, allowing further development of the project in different directions, including in parallel mode;

Functional changes:

• new <terminals>, terminals are now everywhere – WEB, LCD, Nextion, boards, blocks – almost everything can be connected to the terminals. This allows you to create a project more convenient and functional. With the terminal update, the importance of variables has been significantly reduced, and now you can practically not use them. This not only simplifies the work of the project but also speeds up performance;
• a “Display” section has appeared in the left menu where various display devices will be added;
• the “Display” section already includes an “LCD” display type HD44780. Connecting the display is significantly simplified, it allows you to display variables of different types, system parameters, terminals, etc., in addition, the interface itself for working with the LCD already includes functionality that allows you to display, in addition to one-page information, an entire menu block through a set of “Screens” and “Fields” for each screen. Each “Screen” and “Field”, controlled by both “Input” and “Variables/Terminals”, can be used in different iterations. The new display almost does not slow down the operation of the controller, and is recommended for use instead of a block implementation. The block implementation is left for use in controllers with a small amount of memory (Altmega328);
• Nextion is included in the “Display” section, with reference to Interfaces. This is a fundamentally new implementation, built on a new concept, using a new two-way protocol that works almost in the background. It also allows you to minimize the impact of the Nextion panel on the controller’s performance. During testing of version 9.1.0, the old Nextion blocks are left in place. In the stable release, these blocks will be removed – master the new concept of working with Nextion.
• a “Filters” section has appeared in the library of built-in blocks (well-known filters are now in the main blocks, which means using them is faster and more economical (in short – the closer the block is from the user one to the main one, the easier it is)
• I recommend paying special attention to the UART -> Console subsection, this is now a built-in set of blocks that has powerful functionality for testing and debugging the project, and does not affect the performance of the controller;
• of the candidates, the blocks Console, Nextion, LCD were lost. Work on transferring blocks from candidates to base ones will continue;
• expanded support for STM3244 series controllers
• the foundation of a real-time system was laid, and work began on integrating the task manager into the program.

I ask users join to create help and descriptions of functionality, create demonstration and training examples through various media resources (publication of printed materials, YouTube videos, etc.).
I wish everyone success in mastering the new version.


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