The release of the next beta version of FLProg

The new version of the program FLProg number 5.2.2.

Cross-reference functionality is implemented in this version. What it gives.

In the “Project” menu, a new item –”Project Overview”. It brings up a window with a list of variables, inputs, outputs that are used in the project, with their division into boards and blocks. When you double-click on a block, or select the appropriate item in the drop-down menu, the transition to this block will be made (the corresponding fee, if minimized, will be expanded, the diagram view window will be centered on the selected block, and this block will be highlighted). If a variable, input or output is created but not used in the project, it will be marked with a special icon. Double click on this variable, input or output will switch to this variable (input or output) in the tag table. If the tag table is collapsed – it will be moved to the project tree.
In addition, the project overview shows the use of terminals, buses (I2C, OneWire, SPI), UART, Modbus variables, and communication rings in the circuit.

In the project diagram, in the project tree, in the tag table, in the drop-down menu appeared the item “Use”, which causes a window with a description of the use of this variable in the project, terminals, input, output.
When you check the project so in case of errors, a window appears with the ability to navigate to the source of the error.

Fixed a lot of bugs. More information about the fixed bugs can be found on the forum in this topic.

Version 5.2.2 of the latest 5 series with a status of beta. After it, the program will not be made any changes to the functionality until the end of the month, and at the beginning of next month will be released version 5.3 with the status of “stable”. During this time, the program will be made only work related to the elimination of errors found, so I ask the program testers to push and maximize “drive” the program. The more bugs we find, the more stable the release will be.

To discuss version 5.2.2 on the forum created a special topic where you can unsubscribe about bugs and comments.

After the release of version 5.3, I will start working on the beta 6 series.


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4 thoughts on “The release of the next beta version of FLProg”

  1. Подскажите пожалуйста.

    А есть шансы что в будущих версиях будет добавлена поддержка процессоров ATTiny интересует (ATTiny13).

    На сколько  я знаю в Ардуино IDE их поддержка реализована.

    Иногда нужно реализовать очень простую задачу для которой Atmega слишком много. А вот  ATTiny было-бы в самый раз!


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